If you are interested in public relations, social network opportunities or simply would like to book Felicia Verna for personal appearances, hosting special events and corporate functions send an email to and including details of your event.

You can also subscribe to the following social networks:

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6 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Victoria walters says:

    would love to work with you. this is vjewels from instagram

  2. Clark Clyburn says:

    Hello, cousin. This is Clark Clyburn. We talked a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t forgotten you. We’ll talk again soon. God bless.

  3. Hey Sis, keep up the good work. Following our divine purpose leads to finding our Christian-centered place of peace, power, protection, promise, provision, and productivity.

    God loves you. [Jeremiah 29:11]

  4. LOVE UR PICS!! I hope to work with u in the future. If you haven’t had the chance, please check my port & website unisex accessories. I make the Shamballa bracelets myself, so I’d really love your feedback. KIT… add me on fb (Celeste Rousselot) or @thecelestest (follow me and I’ll follow back!) to get casting notices, awesome giveaways, and my whereabouts for upcoming shoots.
    P.S. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.
    Best of luck!

  5. alithia says:

    How did you like your hair?

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