A.P.P.S. Philanthropy

Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc. (A.P.P.S.) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit incorporation founded in 2009 by Megan Mincey that provides social services, extra-curricular programs and events for inner-city residents.


Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services (A.P.P.S.) Envisions providing a safe and unwavering positive environment for individuals and families within their communities starting with Paterson, NJ.

 A.P.P.S. Takes pride in providing motivational environments that welcome change, positive reinforcement and role models from average community outlets.

Due to budget cuts, governmental programs including developmental , extracurricular, and recreational , have been forced to downsize or have been eliminated. If we do not find alternative and creative solutions to uplift our communities (especially our youth) then we are simply setting them up for failure. Without support and positive intervention, many will be forced to face obstacles and peer pressures that can be prevented.

It is our responsibility to contradict and challenge the works of gangs, drugs, budget cuts, institutionalization, self-hopelessness and any contributing factor that obstructs a safe transition into becoming a productive citizen. Most importantly, my vision is to revolutionize and prepare participants to compete in a continually advancing technological and economical society. The creation of such programs and activities will provide an opportunity to experience self-evolution and strong leadership, self esteem and PRIDE that otherwise might not be available as our youth face the ever present challenges typical in an urban environment.

The Mission:

The mission of Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc. (A.P.P.S.) is to pursue the following principles:

To Contribute to the development, growth and prosperity of inner-city residents.

To Enlighten the perspective of people and make them aware of life’s possibilities.

To Uplift individuals by providing accessible opportunities and motivational environments.

To Motivate pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills instilling a sense of hope, empowering individuals

to establish goals and follow through with commitments from concept through completion.

Target Market:

A.P.P.S., Inc. has setup five distinct target market application programs:

Educational: Focus on at risk middle and high school students and their mentors

encouraging them to participate in a structured program of support and tutoring.

Personal Development: Focus on educating people about mental health, physical health and life skills.

Professional Development: Focus on training individuals on how to be successful professionals and future role models in society.

International Attentiveness: Focus on community service initiatives in third world countries.

Liberal Arts and Recreation: Focus on performing arts and sport activities for youth, adults and seniors.

If you would like more information on the types of programs and services we offer and

or to make a donation feel free to send an email to AppsPhilanthropy@gmail.com

3 Responses to “A.P.P.S. Philanthropy”
  1. jay says:

    Stay in touch. We can make this happen. Have a blessed day.

  2. Eshod Howard says:

    This is definitely needed. Continue to provide for our youth in these difficult times because they are the future.

  3. Jonelle Wahner says:

    Sensational info. I look forward to seeing much more.

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