#EZMotivation: Jesus is Passing By

I met Paster C a while back after a NBA game. I knew for some reason that he was special man. A couple of the players remembered him from passing out bibles after games. One even told him that he still had his. Paster C walked with me back to my car and express to … Continue reading

#PowerToDestroy: Taxation

Praxis- 81 This wont be in your local Advanced Prep Books. Studying for an exam I just so happen to receive a text which lead me to look up Power and Destroy.  The source below searched taxation, but either way, it is a for warning from our fathers. “…presumed to be subject to the legislative … Continue reading

Be Fearless: #Motivation

A friend from college sent twitted the follwing motivational video and I was so inpired that I had to share it with you. At times we are our own worst enemy, but God is a mighty shepard who comes back for all his sheep. It’s so important to not only be fearless, but to also have positve people in your … Continue reading