#Vote by Fax or Email: Complete #NJ County list

Displaced by Hurricane Sandy? Do not fret you still can vote today and tomorrow by email or fax. Approved by Governor Chris Christie, this notion allows anyone who can cast an electronic ballot by 8 p.m., when polls close all over New Jersey) tomorrow. Here’s how you can vote As per Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, … Continue reading

#America: The Incarceration Nation

America, Land of the free? Welp, we all know thats a white lie.. The United States incarcerates a greater percentage of our population than any other nation – nearly 2.4 million Americans are behind bars, at a cost to taxpayers of more than $63 billion a year. Correspondent Martha Teichner looks into how that bleak … Continue reading

Student Loan Forgiveness Act: Must Read & Sign RT

Below is an email from Robert Applebaum, a MoveOn member who created a petition at SignOn.org that is getting a lot of attention and may be of interest to people in your area. Since 1999, average student loan debt has increased by a shameful 511%. In 2010, total outstanding student loan debt exceeded total outstanding … Continue reading