Relay For Life

Cancer has impacted my life ever since I was old enough to remember. Both my Grandmother were diagnosed with the deadly diseases.  In 2007 I lost my grandma Verna McDowell to Cancer. She was expected to live six months to a year once diagnosed, but passed away on Valentines Day less than 2 month later. Losing my grandma was one of the most … Continue reading

Presidential Debate 2012 Romney vs.Obama 10/3/2012

First presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the run up to the general election in November.

@MarcelShipp ‘s 5th Annual FootBall Camp ft NY Giant’s @TeamVic and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kareem Huggins Event Recap

4th and Inches Foundation Presents Marcel Shipp’s 5th Annual FootBall Camp in Paterson, NJ  ft NY Giant’s Victor Cruz and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kareem Huggin Pictures coming soon!