@FeliciaVerna Hosts @TeneNicolePR ‘s “Shopping Night Out”

Manhattan, NY (October 25, 2012) Thursday marked the second annual Tene Nicole “Shopping Night Out event benefitting Marlena Ortiz’s, “Beating Cancer in Heels” organization. The intimate evening was hosted by Ellure Zion’s own, Felicia Verna. About the organization Brooklyn native Marlena Ortiz is a young woman who is making her voice heard as a champion … Continue reading

@MarcelShipp ‘s 5th Annual FootBall Camp ft NY Giant’s @TeamVic and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kareem Huggins Event Recap

4th and Inches Foundation Presents Marcel Shipp’s 5th Annual FootBall Camp in Paterson, NJ  ft NY Giant’s Victor Cruz and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kareem Huggin Pictures coming soon!

10 Inspiring People From The 20th Century: How Are You Making A Difference?

When ever I ask, “What are you doing to make a difference or how are you making a difference?” I can rest assure that no one will response simply because the average industrial cattle is not doing SHIT to make this world a better place..!  If it was not for people like the ones in … Continue reading