@Yesterdays_Glam #FashionShow Recap

Yesterdays Glam’s first fashion show took place October 7, 2012 at Kolo Klub in Hoboken, NJ. The intimate showcase hosted by Munyiva Munguti featured different eras of vintage glam for both men and women. Owner of the company Shonel said:


“God is A for Awesome! He does not put more on me than I can bare. It was truly a wonderful experience, and It has been a week and I am still taking it all in. I must say that I have learned a lot, not only about managing things, people, money, but also managing myself. The past two months have been stressful yet, I managed; granted I just jumped into it without looking when it came to the show, but it was all worth it to be honest.”

My hair, done by @Withlove_tasia and MUA @KathyConway represented the true essence of natural GLAMOUR. Glam, is one of my favorite looks to replecate. Each look, styled by Shonel and Shalimar Rosas was ready to be served effortlessly on the runway. While guest enjoyed the open bar and music by Dj Young Fresh, I was most excited about the food!! Shonel, being of Jamaican decent, featured dishes such as jerk chicken, yellow rice, and patties. Guest were able to purchase accessories and apparel in addition to taking home gift bags at the end of the night.

To shop at Yesterdays Glam or for event pictures check out.


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