#Nike to Charge $300+ at the Pump for #LeBron X Nike Plus #Sneakers

Nike will be charging $315.00 + at the pump for the LeBron X’s Nike Plus, expected to debut fall 2012.

As labor, materials and shipping costs increase, Nike has decided to push the expenses on it’s consumers.

Analysts say Nike is raising its shoe and clothing prices by 5% to 10%.

A test of the approach comes this fall, when Nike will debut its priciest sneaker yet—an expected $315 LeBron James basketball shoe that includes its own electronics. The $315 LeBron X Nike Plus, is expected to come embedded with motion sensors that can measure how high players jump. The LeBron 9 PS Elite basketball shoes, which currently retail for $250, feature Nike’s signature swoosh in metallic gold.

I know the American dollar is inflated, but I am not buying this marketing plan. Will you be skipping out on your bills, waiting online just to say, “You aint up on this?!”


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