#CollegeConspiracy :Do You Think?

As a “College Educated” women I am now approximately 70k in debt because of student loans. After matriculating from Virginia State University, where I learned the same thing I did since kindergarten, I quickly learned that college was a scam! Quite frankly, I learned more in high school where my education was some what “free” (paid by our parents taxes). We had programs like forensic, medical lab tech and not to mention passionate teachers who taught outside the box. After graduating and my six month grace period was up I found out that a had a private loan and that I was pretty much shit out of luck. They wanted me to pay back apx. $ 530.00 dollars a month (laughing like shit) with no job! I called and explained To Sallie my situation and that it could not pay, but they told me “Sorry ma’am you have a private loan and you have to pay.” (WTH does this mean!) Her other option was to lower my payments which I did and over the 2 year period I found out that these lower payments they offered was just paying interest! (they did not explain this!!) Now, that’s some funny shit! Although I did find employment what kind of person would give that much money back in loans when you could use the money to pay rent, car insurance, gas, bills, groceries etc? Two years later Sallie wants apx. $ 538.00 a month again so I asked that broad was she gonna hire me!? (of course she said no) and told her to KMA! Good luck with getting the money

Here’s some important information you should know before wasting your time and attending college to get a useless piece of paper. I sure wish I would have known this prior to being brain washed and making the worst investment of my life! Thank God I have been blessed with talent and ambition to make a living, not in my field by the way..!


Thanks to NIA for this informative documentary!! Take what you see fit from it..


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