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 For Immediate Release

Contact:  Megan Mincey

Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc




Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc.

 August 31, 2011 (Paterson, NJ) President Obama has declared Hurricane Irene “A Major Federal Disaster.” Although Irene was not a voluminous hurricane on scale, it has caused substantial devastation in our neighborhoods. Over 4,000 Patersonians have been forced into exile after being displaced by flood waters and many are still without power.

Ironically, the neighborhoods devastated the most are in the low income housing areas. Adding insult to injury residents do not have flood insurance. Paterson, which has about 150,000 people, once thrived because of the river, which powered mills that made textiles, giving the city a worldwide reputation for manufacturing. Since then, Paterson has become plagued by high unemployment which includes law enforcement layoffs; that has led to an increase in crime. Towns such as Wayne, Totowa and West Paterson are also suffering from the floods. With many families living below the poverty line, it is feared that relief will be a long time coming, and short-lived, as all too often happens with impoverished communities.

Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc. (A.P.P.S.) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit incorporation founded in 2009 by Megan Mincey that provides social services, extra-curricular programs and events for inner-city residents; to review more information about the organization and updates on the conditions of Paterson please visit http://ellurezion.com.

We are a network of strong, educated, talented and well connected men and women, who have made a commitment to the citizens of Paterson. A.P.P.S. has established a relief-fund to assist affected families in rebuilding their lives. We are asking for volunteers and monetary donations to purchase non-perishable items i.e. (food, clothing, water, school supplies etc.)  All donations should be in check or money order form (No Cash).  Please make all checks to out Assertively Promoting Philanthropic Services, Inc.  78 Plum Street Tinton Falls, NJ 07724. All donators will receive a receipt for their contribution. Thank you in advance for you donations and time.

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