#TFTD: “No need to argue”

“No need to argue”

Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to. Don’t address every challenged you’re presented with. Just because people want attention doesn’t mean they deserve yours. Use some foresight when addressing certain situations. If it wo’t be a relevant issue tomorrow, there’s no sense in stressing it today. Some people will try to piss you off just because you’ve shown them that they can. However, certain things just aren’t worth arguing or getting mad over, learn to just let some stuff go. Don’t allow minor people to cause major problems. It’s not a crime to take pride in being right but don’t win a dispute and end up losing a friend. Have some tact, some discipline, and some self-control. Think with a royal mind-set; know that everybody challenging your throne isn’t capable of taking it. Taking your spot won’t make them you. The throne is only the throne when the king/queen is sitting there. Otherwise it’s nothing but a peasant in a fancy chair. Pay attention to everything, but don’t address everything. If a person feels the need to beg for your attention, i probably because you’ve shown them they don’t deserve it. Be consistent in that.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill

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