#ThoughtsForTheDay: “Progress,Process”

Good Morning,

“Progress, Process”

You can make something shine, but that doesn’t make it treasure. You can buy a trophy but that won’t make you a champion. Fake efforts cannot produce real success. You can fake it hoping to make it, but you’ll only be fooling yourself. All progress requires a process. Most people can’t get ahead of struggle because they’re always trying to get around problems. You have to put in time, work, and dedication to get the things that are really worth having. The things that come fast may be easy to get but when they leave fast the regrets aren’t as easy to let go. Learn how to take your time. The immature do things fast and wrong, the mature do things slow and right. Patience is the key, just because you’re ready to receive the things you want doesn’t mean what you want is ready for you. Respect the timing of certain things. A good result is the product of a good process. Just make sure you’re putting work into places and people that recognize your worth. You can’t get a return on your investment if you’re investing it into things with no value. If where you’re going is really somewhere worth being, the journey will increase your desire to get there, you won’t need a shortcut.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


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