#NuclearPower Plants: What You Should Know

In America there are 1o4 active nuclear power plants. Ironically, those 104 plants only make up about 20% of our nations energy. Majority of these plants are located near major water sources Oceans, lakes & rivers; plants that are not near water sources are located in land permanently damaging  the soil making any future living conditions hazardous.. (For those who have seen Aaron Brockovich we know that wont stop them from selling you a house on hazardous land.) Here is a list of Nuclear Power Plants in America

No wonder cancer rates have sky rocketed.  So what they do not mean to tell you is these plants are doing more damage to the Earth than actually generating energy.  We live in a place where they create weapons of mass destruction, anti- matter, nuclear weapons but were still using and fighting over oil. Its 2011 you mean to tell me you can create holographs but you can not create better ways to supply energy and fuel? I can hear the chants of the Babylonians, “Do What Thou Wilt, Dollar Dollar Bills Yall”

Below I have provided you with some information on Nuclear power,how it works,  affects our health, lifestyles, safety & futures.

How Nuclear Energy Works

Radiation Effects On Body


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