#NaturalHair Journey : “$8 Doobie”

So I went to this place in Newark with a home girl of mine because her friend recommend it & they are home to the $8 doobies..

We get there & have to pay first. They tell me $8 & they tell her $25 because she has weave.. First red flag Strike 1! Advertising a service or product for cheaper that what it really is. Now, where I’m from Paterson, NJ a Doobie is a what? A WASH, SET & most importantly a BLOW OUT! The wash was the only thing that went smooth.. I sit down to get my hair set I ask her not use setting lotion & to put some gloss/serum in my hair as she set it. If its one thing I don’t like its people telling me what they are not gonna do. I know my hair, what works what doesn’t. So she tells me No she’s only putting the leave in conditioner in Strike 2.

She takes my hair out of the rollers & ask how do I want it.. Um what do u mean blow my hair out Ma.. This woman fixes her lips to tell me, “You need a perm” I said “NO, I don’t I am NATURAL I don’t get perms! My hair needs to be blown out” (Thinks: so what are you waiting for?) She sucks her teeth SIGHS & say $10. Pow Strike 3 now I’m aggy.

I didn’t mind paying the money but if you don’t state what the services include then you are false advertising to me. At that point I didn’t want murda mamis hands in my hair and told her to wrap it up ill flat iron it myself when I get home! As she wrapping it up she states, “You have too much hair.” As she puts the last bobby pin in my hair she about faces so fast & runs to sit back under the dryer so her roller set finishes drying. Talk about business etiquette, chiquita lacked it all.

A good beautician should never suggest to a client “You need a PERM” with knowing what’s the condition of their clients hair. I was aggy because hair crack (perm) isn’t the solution for everyone who wants straight hair! She doesn’t know me so she doesn’t know how that comment could have made me or the next  feel. Things could have taken a turn for the worst in Newark perhaps  she would have ended up with a perm, a PERManently distorted  face.. Sigh I handed that over to the Lord  😉

Two Days later I flat iron & trimmed my hair hair here are the results:

My glasses are Versace 🙂

Here you can see the difference in textures

Does it look like I need a perm?!

Just wanted to share my story with you guys because I know I’m not the only one who hears comments like that from people we don’t know, friends family etc. Be Strong in Your Journey ignorance is bliss!

2 Responses to “#NaturalHair Journey : “$8 Doobie””
  1. Nicole says:

    I bet the place you went to was platinum

  2. Bernice says:

    No, you don’t need a perm, I get my natural hair done often, some people don’t like doing our hair but it’s not about them it’s about us:-D.

    God Bless You & Yours Jesus is the answer! If your not saved He wants you to be, we never know when it’s too late.

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