#ThoughtsForTheDay: “Embracing What You Get”

Good Morning,

“Embracing What You Get”

Sometimes the best blessing in the world is for us to get what we need instead of what we want. At times it’s hard to see, but what we may deem a burden could be the doorway to our blessing. Be thankful you aren’t given everything you ask for. You could easily have all you’ve ever wanted but be missing out on the best thing you never knew you needed. Endure the battles, weather the storms; live life through faith, not in fear. When you realize you can’t change every situation, you learn the necessity of not only changing yourself but changing your attitude. Loss for average people is failure; a loss for conquerors is seen as nothing more than a change. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about perseverance. You’ll make a million mistakes but God has the ability to turn any mistake into a masterpiece. What you gain in life will always reflect what you’re willing to sacrifice. Everything life gives you may not be what you deserve but that doesn’t mean it’s not exactly what you need.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


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