EllureZion.com ‘s #ThoughtsfortheDay: “The Challenges of Boredom” by @RobHillSr

“The Challenges of Boredom”

If you’re always bored, it’s not because there’s nothing to do, it’s because you choose to do nothing. People who claim boredom are those who refuse to consistently challenge themselves. Subconsciously they’re bored because they’re waiting on something but anxious to do nothing. You”ll never hear successful people talk about being bored; success is a state of mind, boredom is a state of pity. Most times it’s not the things you are or aren’t doing that bore you, it’s yourself. If you ever have the opportunity to reach for more but settle for less, you’ll always get less than you settled for. Don’t struggle between what you have to do and what you want to do because successful people don’t have time to complain about either. Having a comfort zone may keep you content but that contentment will suppress your joy. Boredom is an expression of a closed mind and a direct representation of a limited individual. Lucky people are bored and have time to wait for things to happen, blessed people are divinely advised to make things happen. Remember this: the word can’t creates obstacles while the word can creates opportunity. Challenge yourself to get up, get active, and put boredom behind you.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill


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