EllureZion.com ‘s Thoughts For The Day : “Confusions, Insecurities, Concerns” by @RobHillSr

Good Afternoon,

“Confusion, Insecurities, Concerns”

Whether we know it or not we all have similar issues, we share confusion, we share insecurities, and we share concerns. When it comes to relationships, most of our confusion comes from insecurities that we
try to hide as concerns. The difference between them comes in the timing
of the two. Concerns can be spoken in confidence, insecurities come in
moments of vulnerability. Insecurity is an internal disease, your partners actions may comfort them but only you can cure them. The wise recognize that confronting insecurities is the first step to security. Having a weakness doesn’t make you weak, just as having an insecurity doesn’t make you insecure, addressing both can only improve you. Most people would rather have the courage to reveal their insecurities than deal with the confusion of trying to hide them. The worst way to solve a problem is to act as if there isn’t one. I’d rather look soft and be solid than to appear whole and be broken. When you have a good partner an addressed insecurity usually turns into a confident concern. So solve situations when you can and stop letting your confusion ruin good things; insecurities end friendships, concerns improve them.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.

Rob Hill


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