#ThoughtsForTheDay : “Dream Killers”

Good Afternoon

“Dream Killers”

There’s no need to look for approval in everything you do. Your willingness to change, grow, and live abundantly will not always be willingly accepted by those with narrow minds. Don’t expect the people who aren’t growing to recognize your growth. They’ll notice your change solely because it’s a painful reminder that they chose to remain the same. You don’t need anybody outside of yourself to believe in your dreams in order for them to come true. Don’t stop going where you’re going in life just because people are stuck at where you were in life. They’re so busy judging you that they’ve forgotten that they need to be living too. Opinions are optional, so if it isn’t positive reinforcement or constructive criticism, I don’t care to hear it. My mindset remains that every opinion of me won’t be included in my definition of me. You may doubt many things in life but don’t ever let somebody’s lack of faith make you doubt your dreams. Be confident in what you know is best for you. Dreaming is the first step towards destiny, so if you’re headed out on a journey don’t waste time consulting with people who have never left home. Dream killers believe that they can?t start until they know; but dream livers understand that you won’t know until you start! Be smart, be faithful, and be prepared; power your dreams beyond those powerless beings who doubt you.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


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