Good Morning,


Anger is a temporary emotion that denies progress. Don’t let your anger consume and control you because that’s the quickest route to regret. Expect to be provoked but be slow to anger, everything that tries to get your attention should not receive it. The small things making you mad, don’t deserve the effort and time you’re giving them. You’re allowing things that are beneath you to feel as if they’re equal. Yes, anger is instinctive, however that anger should never go further than the moment it arrives. The wise aren’t absent of anger, they’re just patient in their response to it because they understand that whatever angers you, controls you. Patience is the virtue that saves you time, it gives you a cushion for mistakes that your anger doesn’t always allow. Few things change more often than emotions, but don’t allow running with them to set you back. Get rid of those things that incite anger and those people who encourage revenge. Not holding your tongue may make you feel like you’re keeping it real but it’s probably what’s keeping you behind.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill


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