What Does Beyonce Think About #NaturalHair? : Going #Natural Movement

Some where along the slaves lines we were taught not to embrace our God given beauty but to love the Europeans silky hair and melanin-less skin.


The Natural Hair movement has been sweeping the nation heavy for about a two years. Many black women like Solange Knowles, Chrisette Micehle (see interview) Anchor woman Rochelle Ritchie and myself are throwing in the towel when it comes to unnatural hair. Black women have grown tired of investing in nine billion dollar hair industry, spending money on hair relaxers, extensions and now thanks to BEYONCE the popular lace front wig. Due to our naturally kinky hair, black women are the biggest target for hair companies.

Kim Zolciak, from Real House Wives of Atlanta (#RHOA) has expressed her thoughts on wig/weave wearing in the reunion interview. She was asked why she does not wear her real hair and she responded, “I am trying to get white women to catch on to wearing weave like black women. “ Some where along the slaves lines we were taught not to embrace our God given beauty but to love the Europeans silky hair and melanin- less skin. I find this to be rather ironic considering Caucasian people are always running to the tanning booth or plastic surgeon to buy Black features..

I have been on my journey for 6 months but I have not cut my permed hair yet because wish to keep my length. I got to a point where I felt enough was enough. I grew tired having to cut my hair because it was damaged and weak. I resent the fact that my mother even put a perm in my hair but I understand that it was easier for her to manage. My hair is very thick, the real color before it was ruined was a sandy/ashy blond redish brown therefore, the texture is very dry!! I constantly go back and forth about the venture I choose to set assail on but, after watch Rocehlle’s story and hearing other women stories and seeing how beautiful they look with their hair I continue to set both feet forward. Besides I do not wish to be bald by 60. Click Here to see pictures my hair journey.

Like Chrisette states in my interview with her entitled For Freedom not For Beauty “The same hair that grows out of my head is the same hair that comes out of my mothers, aunts, cousins etc. It allows me to feel connected to my heritage. Adopting any image with relaxed hair is not natural and not to mention hard to maintain.”

I strongly support this movement because it is a positive way to connect with my sistahs. No matter what anyone says and regardless of what they think, know that you are beautiful. Embrace what God has given you, Love your self! Remember there is always someone out there trying to buy what you already have :).

By The Way Mark Your Calenders for Natural Hair Day June 1st.

You can read and watch Rochelle’s story by clicking here

11 Responses to “What Does Beyonce Think About #NaturalHair? : Going #Natural Movement”
  1. J Mac says:

    The natural “movement,” if you choose to call it that, did not just begin with Solange, Chrisette, and Rochelle. I’m 54 and began wearing my hair natural about 15 years ago because I was just tired of spending so much of my life doing it, getting it done, staying out of the pool, etc. I endured negative comments and criticisms, mostly from other black folk. However, I’m not a natural hair-vangelist, out to convert all black women to it. Indie Arie said it best, “I am not my hair,” and in the words of Isaac Hayes: “Whatever you wanna do, ohhh, you got to do your thang!”

  2. Da Ballinger says:

    Hi my name is DA Ballinger i wrote a book about the black experience in reguards to our God given right to be proud about our natural black hair soon to be released but I need some Photos of some black all natural styles so If you would like to submitt yours to be in my book send them now to ebayda2000@yahoo.com for concideration Thank You.

  3. cpcha2 says:

    Truth is, I have been perming and weaving my hair for years and never understood the big deal with transitioning. I was definetely a subscriber to “its just hair”. I discovered that it wasn’t so much a matter of hair than it was a perception of beauty. Since young black girls, we have been bombarded with ideas and images of beauty that didn’t recognize the curly cues that grew out of our head naturally. Our own natural hair was perceived as unmanageable, unpopular and well, lets face it, unnattractive. so black women, myself included, burned and weaved our hair to satisfy someone else’s perception of beauty. Yes, straight hair is beautiful. But guess what? so are curls and kinks. and its’ high time we recognize and embrace this in order for others to see it. there is power in numbers. and the more that black women that choose to wear their hair naturally, the more it forces society to recognize that there has been an unrecognized standard of beauty. and we are no longer going to sit quietly….(i have been natural for two months and it feels absolutely fabulous!!!)

  4. Fay Fay says:

    This is a beautiful movement but really? I’m sic of “sistahs” trying to guilt a woman for relaxing her hair. that doesn’t make her ANY less of a African American woman/ sistah. Just because you do certain things with your hair like this, doesn’t mean you don’t love who you r. U cannot speak for everyone. My hairs relaxed and guess wat, I LOVE my heritage and know who I am. So if you want to b a natural fantastic, but hair doesn’t decide how real and naturally beautiful u r. Ur heart does.

    • Beverly says:

      That is not 2 say that we don’t love our sistas who choose not to embrace their natural hair…jus saying…we, as a people have not been loving ourselvesl, as we are for oh too long…the media has protrayed silkly straight as the only f…orm of beauty..not so….i say it’s a conditionment and another form of slavery of the mind…my hair is no where near straight by nature…and the CREATOR made me that way…so i am loving it as it….and to my sisters who decide not too…u r beautiful too…we will not let this natural hair embracement be another form of division and/or slavery of the mind….again.. YOU WILL NOT DIVIDE AND CONQUER AGAIN…..luv u all..xoxoxo

  5. Parthenia says:

    It is March and I am six months into my natural hair style.
    I love my hair, I love seeing all the beautiful black women
    showing their true beauty. I am free, I am me, no better way
    to be!

  6. Will says:

    Everywhere. Everywhere I go, everyone always says straight hair is eurocentric, straight hair is european. um no it’s not as straight hair is not a european trademark. europeans don’t all have straight hair. many straighten their own hair with hot combs and flat irons as well. if you really look at it, asians and indians have more straight hair than europeans. after all where do you think all the straight weaves come from that blacks wear? alot of europeans have really curly hair, some to the extreme of looking like a european afro. the white lady in the article even said how she wears weaves right?
    actually where i live most of the black girls that wear weaves have braid-like weaves or afro-textured, and it’s rare to see a straight weave as if they want straight they just have it hot-combed or relaxed. but whatever.
    anyways weave is in the same category as long fake fingernails, fake eyelashes and all the other weird stuff women do to themselves. i like a women who is natural in every sense of the word. not afraid to just be herself(although one could argue that some of the nails are purely artistic) as it shows confidence.

    • Will says:

      but i understand you were referring the slavery times and how european looks were envied. just that now of days in this global world, when people say black women wear weaves and relax their hair to look white, the comparison isn’t valid. it is not longer slavery where black women looked at white women with envy. as now saying something like that makes it sound like people think straight hair is a european trademark feature, when it’s really not. Europeans have the second most naturally curly hair next to blacks, aboriginals from australia and pacific islanders like those from the solomon islands from what i can tell right now(correct me if i’m wrong) which in turn shows how different black’s hair is compared to other races.

      native americans have the straightest hair IMO.

      • I would hv to disagree when u say black wmn envied white wmn. Whites believed they were better, wanting us to envy them & ourselves but that’s not the case for many Black wmn & people (we wouldn’t hv progressed 2 where we are now) . In the media world & realty..

        Light skin wmn & exotic wmn are admired Hutu vs Tuts, etc.. Dark skin wmn are made to feel black or melanin is beautiful when it Really is. Love the skin your in.

        Thanx 4 d comment.

  7. I love this post…..I just recently cut the perm out of my hair and I’m completely natural now. It was hard dealing with the fact my hair was short but i know its healthier. Be strong in your natural hair Journal. 🙂

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