#ThoughtsfortheDay: “What you know vs. What they say”

Good Morning,

“What you know vs. What they say”

If you aren’t willing to do what it takes to get where you need to go then do as most statues and stand still alone. Don’t judge those changing and making sacrifices to get to what they know they deserve. You don’t have to like it, you may not even approve, just care enough to respect it. There are two types of criticism, constructive and destructive; life is tearing enough people down, be the person who builds people up. And to those being judged, understand that you can be happy without people being happy for you, so stop looking for approval. Opinions are fickle, it’s like everybody telling you to stop wasting money playing the lottery but commending your persistence when you hit the jackpot. Insight is amazing but intuition is divine, so trust your instincts because it’s the part of you that won’t allow you to lose. Speak life to those around you, smile at a stranger, laugh with a co-worker.

Take a position of power and make your environment respond to you instead of being influenced by your environment. We shouldn’t judge people who are trying to live better or those who are chasing their dreams, we may not condone it but we can at least be humble enough not to condemn it. Happiness is fitting the frame of who you really are, not the image of who you are to others, go get what you know regardless of what they say.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill


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