#ThoughtsForTheDay : “Test”

Good Morning,


Anything that is not tested will fail. People think when they pray for patience, wisdom, and strength that God just gives it to them but that’s not how his will works. When we pray, what he blesses us with are opportunities to be patient, chances to be wise, and moments to be strong. God wants what’s best for us but he requires that we give him the best of us. He can only get that from testing us and consistently challenging us to be greater. Too many of us are ignoring our blessings and avoiding our miracles because they’re all disguised as pain. Dig deeper than what’s on the surface, God is never absent, the only prayers he can’t answer are those sent up with doubt. If people are always testing your patience then that’s God increasing your chances at learning to be patient. If your patience is never tested then how will you know if its increased? If you’re praying for strength then God is going to send trials your way, he has to give you moments to be strong. Gifts don’t always come with a curse but they will have a price, don’t be the fool who asks for a rainbow but expects to avoid the rain. If you want God to bless you, be willing to let him test you.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday. The thoughts will pick up again on Monday. Be blessed.


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