Thoughts For The Day: “The Duty of Disappointment”

“The Duty of Disappointment”

Disappointment should be as simple to deal with as anger. Anger is so
easy because it’s a fleeting emotion that can change with a simple smile
but only time fixes disappointment. When it comes to love, it is better
to know and be disappointed than to not know and always wonder. Be calm,
be strong, and be patient. We need to meet heartbreak and disappointment
with courage. We should expect to work for love but be wise enough to
never accept being abused in its name. Rise superior to the trials life
presents and never give in to hopelessness or despair. Disappointment is
the nurse of wisdom but if handled the right way it can play doctor to
your healing. However, your healing comes with a process and that
process begins with understanding and acknowledgment. Everyone is not
the same. Give people a fair chance, sure hurt people hurt people but
mature people heal people if given the opportunity. Love is work because
it’s life’s greatest offering. Many will speak it but few will feel it.
Every one of us is granted the easiness of lust but few are patient
enough to be rewarded through the disappointments of love. Let downs
should be lessons, not excuses to stay down. Be wise, let the duty of
disappointments and pain kill your pride without allowing them to steal
your heart.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


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