Thoughts For The Day: “Pointless People”

Good Morning,

“Pointless People”

Throughout the years you’ll lose friends, you’ll lose family, and you’ll lose lovers. Life journey is a marathon, yes everybody begins the race but few have what it takes to finish it. If you’re trying to go places in life you can’t keep following the people who are content with just going somewhere. You need to be with those who have a sense of purpose and direction and that starts from having the right influences. If people aren’t adding value to your life then they need to be subtracted. You need people who contribute to you, who bring you up, and who can increase your situation. If you show me somebody who you expect nothing from, I’ll show you somebody you don’t need in your life. Beware of those who claim to care more when their actions show you that they could care less. Some people are around just be around, don’t allow them to take things they can’t give. Throw out the ideas and people that no longer fit your lifestyle or your experiences. They’ll claim they’re holding you down but what good is that if they aren’t capable of bringing you up? Great people can’t come in if your life if you keep allowing average people to block the door. Sometimes you just need to remove people from your life. If they don’t see your vision they will compromise your mission. You can’t always control who you lose but you can control who you hold on to, just make sure they’re worth it.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts



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