#ForColoredGirls Review

I wanted to hold off on the article until I saw the movie. I Finally saw the movie yesterday and here’s what I think.

“I will not bash Tyler Perry for his directorial perspective but I will include the fact that the depicted imagery concerning relationships between men, women, mothers, bosses, teachers, friends fathers or lack their of effects every type of race, not just the black communities. Everyone should stop putting color and Stereo types on people; more people should omit stereotypical behaviors out of their lives if they do not want to be classified in a manner that is dissatisfying or self degrading.

Perry could have made the movie pop by not stereotyping his characters. Janet as the Louboutin power house boss, Whoopi as the Ug Mug holly roller mom and Macy as the drunken abortion Doctor. I got the point but wasn’t moved by the theatrical content.? Everyone played their parts well and the acting was very good.

Many lessons can be taught within this movie like having the courage to take control of your fate, accepting responsibility for ones action, communication, trust etc. Overall, its really up to you to be your own judge.

Here’s what one upset writer had to say about the movie When you read on…

One Response to “#ForColoredGirls Review”
  1. Phil says:

    Good write up. I agree with what u said about “people should omit stereotypical behaviors out of their lives…” It’s a hard thing to do when the media perpetuates ideology to a group of people over and over again. But anyways, nice article.

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