Thoughts for the Day: “Get Closer to Your Dreams”

Good Morning,

“Get Closer to Your Dreams”

It’s ironic how so many of us are always getting ready to live but never living. We’re waiting for life to give the clue, but when given, we’re never getting it. Realize that whether we’re living the best times or the worst times, this is our only time and the wise make the best of it. Our circumstance and mistakes can set back our position but that should only gives us conquerors a greater focus our mission. If you have the ability to dream, the courage to believe, and the guts to make it happen, nothing can stop you, doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. Good people wait on opportunity, great people create opportunity. Take a chance and invest in your future, believe in your dreams, because you’re the only one who can make them happen in a way that they will last and you can live the dream a thousand people picked for you but all that leaves you with is regret and a thousand new haters because you’re living what they couldn’t. The fruition of your dreams will always reflect the effort you’ve invested in them. Good people, if you waste your money then you’ve only lost some money but if you waste your time, you’ve lost part of your life. The only way to seize the moment is to be in the moment, stop letting life pass you by waiting on the perfect timing because no matter how long you wait, time never will.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill

2 Responses to “Thoughts for the Day: “Get Closer to Your Dreams””
  1. prabhat kumar says:

    I want daily receive thought of the day

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