@AuthorErickaw Discusses “A Woman Scorned: Part 2-Family Ties” with @FelciaVerna

Author Ericka Williams is back for round two as she ditches the Tea on her most recent book, A Woman Scorned: Part 2-Family Ties!!

Ericka, introduce us to your book, A Woman Scorned: Part 2-Family Ties?

A Woman Scorned 2-Family Ties is about the ties that bind us. A Woman Scorned Part 2- Family Ties shows that blood is not always thicker than water. It shows that there are some family members whom we would remove from the bloodline if we could. When there is love and blood, there is always the chance of having pain, sorrow, betrayal, and revenge. Some family just doesn’t mean you any good!

What should readers expect from your next Women Scorned: Part 2-Family Ties?

More lies, more hate, more betrayal, more distrust & More Love, More Lust, More Drama and More Murder. Ultimately Revenge with a side order of Sexy!

How do you relate to the Characters you created?

They have been bruised in some way like we all have. We all have family secrets. We all have experienced painful situations that deal with family, the people closest to us, who sometimes hurt us the most.

What changed in your characters from A Women Scorned: Part 1 to now in A Women Scorned: Part 2-family Ties?

There is a new main character that is just as fierce as Brielle. She has ties to Brielle that make her feel an unbreakable bond and loyalty to protect Brielle from harm and gets payback for her, at any cost. She is younger, more ruthless, and has nothing to lose.

The last time we talked you said you dealt with a lot of issues in your book, what issues in today’s society have you addressed in this book?

The judicial system, the Church, and Psychotherapy are the institutions that I portrayed and the social effects of temporary mental illness, anger dysfunction, lying, unfaithfulness, and of course Murder and Revenge. Last but not least, healing, we all have a boiling point and can get pushed over the edge, but we can all come back from the lowest point to prevail.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Brielle is still my favorite. The new character, Simone, is my next favorite. Janay is just too grimy for me. I like Shawn because of the way that he loves Brielle, even through her emotional frailty. Brielle is a woman who was never loved right from the beginning, yet she struggles to find love for herself and the completion of love with a man. She never gives up on Love. She knows that Love is Healing and she seeks healing that way. She knows the void that is within her and her mission is to fill it with good.

What was the most powerful chapter or scene in the book for you?

Then ending was the most powerful scene and you know I cant tell that. LOL

If there was one thing you would enlighten your readers on what would it be?

One thing would have to be Endurance. Just endure it, whatever it is because It Too Shall Pass.

Any Tours or special projects coming up in the future?

My fifth novel, titled, The Robbin Hoods, It’s about a true crime story that took place in Northern New Jersey, where I’m from. I’m going on tour for the new release, continue to check my website, facebook, and twitter for exclusive information.

Ericka, how may readers contact you?
You may contact me at via my Website: www.erickaw.com, Email: erickawilliamsinfo@yahoo.com, or phone (212) 201-9329.

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