Thoughts For The Day: “Life’s war with our dreams”

Good Morning,

“Life’s war with our dreams”

Who we are is not discovered in what happens to us; who we are is found
in what we do with what happens to us. Life offers no champion if there
is never a challenge and for most of us we won’t find out who we are and
what we’re really made of until we’ve met adversity and used it to
propel our prosperity. I’m appalled when people act as though life
shouldn’t give them more than a few battle scars, especially when no
minute past the present is promised. Fighters press on and leave it to
the foolish to claim they’ve tried when they haven’t exhausted all
possibilities. The wise warrior understand that the only way you can be
locked out of your destiny is if you didn’t bring your keys. Success
starts and ends with you. Refuse to be intimidated by the pessimist who
use “facts” based on failures to portray successful dreamers as fools.
They’ve failed to realize that the physically strong don’t move
mountains, the spiritually patient and persistent do. Fools use their
awareness of reality to justify their disgust with dreams but they don’t
realize that while they’re blasting to the bass of their pride they’re
drowning out the song in their soul. Get up, reach out, and move
forward. A dream delayed is better than a dream deferred but both are
better than accepting a dream denied.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


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