Thoughts For The Day: “An Exercise in Futility”

Good Morning,

“An Exercise in Futility”

All of our daily choices reflect who we are and profoundly influence the life we’ll lead. Each choice and each decision add another piece to the puzzle of our lives. However few of us are in position to see the bigger picture, so we’re working against ourselves placing all the right pieces in the wrong puzzles. We’re investing our time, energy, and emotions into condemned property hoping to see some kind of return and we wonder why our hearts are bankrupt. I think we need to understand that every rag does not have a rise to riches, some rags are just supposed to stay rags. Sure I love to fantasize about roses growing from concrete but when given a choice I’m planting my seeds in fertile land, not in some parking lot. Yet, so many of us are placing pieces of ourselves in puzzles that were never meant to be completed, people we never meant to love, and relationship that aren’t relatable. You can tell a thousand people to go get what they deserve but if they have no idea what that is; you’ll just end up with a thousand people settling for what they already have. In essence what I’m saying is everything and everybody you feel you deserve, won’t necessarily deserve you, so don’t get mad when people misuse and abuse your love and time, especially when you didn’t require them to earn it.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts

Rob Hill


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