Thoughts For The Day: “Perception is Everything”

Good Morning,

“Perception is Everything”

Whether we agree with it or not, it is. How you portray yourself is the way people will perceive you and the way you treat yourself is how people will treat you. If you never show people you have a brain, they’ll always treat you as if you’ve lost your mind. However, their opinion of you is never the final authority, your self-worth can’t be validated by others, you are worthy because you say you are. Fools seek approval in things that have no authority but the wise understand every person passing judgment isn’t a judge. You will never be able to control everything spoken about you but you are responsible for the things you give people to speak on. Yes your character defines you but your reputation precedes you and if you don’t care enough to protect it, in one way or another you’ll always be neglected. Secure people are comfortable being hated for who they are; the insecure seek love trying to be something they’re not. At this point in life if the social you is only doing things in hopes to fit in, the real you will always end up being left out.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts


One Response to “Thoughts For The Day: “Perception is Everything””
  1. FV says:

    Its funny u stated whether we think so or not… Bcuz I don’t agree. People have brainwashed perceptions and other don’t have the ability 2 c things clearly. Ppl do what they wanna. I have many men take it upon themselves to come and touch me and I know I don’t perceive myself as touch able. As a matter of fact I was sitting down with my friend at a bar when men came over and harassed me….what did I do 2 deserve 2 b touched?? He perception was let me touch her so that I can get her attention. My perception ws u have 5 seconds 2 get away for I call the police. Ppl dnt hv the right 2 touch anyONE! The best way to perceive something is to ask!!!

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