The Pizza Shop “Pursue Your Dreams & Aspirations”

What type of advice do you have for anyone who would like to establish their own business but, does not know how where to start?

Rob: It all depends on the location of where you are trying to establish the business. First , we would suggest researching the cities and counties where you are interested in establishing your business. There are FREE online research market data bases available to assist you. Here you can find useful information on businesses, home investments, research analysis, Marketing and business plans etc. Most cities want to promote businesses and are looking to get more companies in their cities because it produces more revenue. “The More Business More Revenue”. As young black entrepreneurs straight out of college, I want to let others know do not be afraid to take risks especially at a young age. The worst that can happen is you do fail but the most important thing is gaining experience and moving along with the process.

Jerome: After conducting our research we found a demand in the market and began to capitalized on it. We proceeded to find out the demographics for a skateboard shop; the nearest skateboard shop was in Richmond, Va. , Therefore there was a demand in the Tri-Cities.

“Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations”

With the condition of the economy and you being recent graduates of Virginia State University, what made you decide to start your own business as oppose to working for someone else?

Jerome: One day Rob came to me and said, “I have an idea, we should open up a skateboard shop!” We came up with different ideas finally landing on the name THE PIZZA SHOP. We came up with the idea in May and opened up the shop in August, so from May to August we were on our grind. There was nothing that was going to stop us from opening up this shop regardless of how the economy was doing or what ever the situations were. We are young and fresh out of college so what do we have to lose?!

How did you come up with the name Pizza Shop?

Rob: When you think of 7-11 you know that you can go in and get a Slurpee 24-7 no matter what. The name PIZZA SHOP is a trade mark for us. Pizza is a universal food. In America everyone loves pizza and you can get it just about however you want pepperoni, Hawaiian, cheese etc. We wanted to set up our shop in the same way; allowing customers to get their board however they want . You can’t go wrong with the pizza shop it is diverse and attracts all types of distinguishable clientele just by the name alone.

When looking back to your childhood and discussing what you aspired to be did  an entrepreneur ever cross your mind?

Rob: No, it did not. I wanted to be a Olympian, I wanted to be a track star. I ran track for Virginia State but, that did not look too promising when I got to college. I am actually a school teacher.

Jerome: Coming up in New Jersey was tough just like every other inner-city. There were not a lot of positive role models in my community. A lot of drug dealers, gang activity etc. You could easily get caught up in things; however making money has always been a motivation for me.

Never wanted to be Lil Wayne, Jay-Z or entertainer. I wanted to be the one who signed the checks!

What distinguishes the Pizza Shop from other Apparel Stores?

Rob: Our shop focuses more on underground apparel . We sell up and coming clothing lines such as: Sick Society, Obey, Dgk, Akomplish. Vans, Durkl, DC. The Pizza Shop tries to stay away from big brands. Anything you can get at the mall we do not carry.  You are going to have to “know what you are looking for” type thing.  Like other stores we do not mass produce our stock. We usually order one item in each size, that way you wont see everyone wearing the same attire.

Jerome: Our store experience to sum it up in a nutshell.

Explain your menu selection.

Rob: Our menu is set up like a regular pizza shop menu except our focuses on apparel, hardware, trucks, boards, supplies, sneakers things like that.

Jerome: When you go to Pizza Hut you come in and tell them what you want. If you come into The Pizza Shop you get to experience that element. Say you wanted a skateboard: you come in pick your plain board the toppings you want will be the accessories to the skateboard; next, you pick your wheels which is like your pepperoni, anchovies, sausage different tools that you need to complement your style and your board.

What difficulties did you encounter if any?

The most difficult thing we encounter is people distinguishing us between real pizza shop and a skateboard apparel boutique. A lot of customers come in thinking The Pizza Shop is s a real pizza shop where you can purchase pizza which we do not sell.

Check out ThePizzaShop Websites for more details and information.




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