Thoughts For the Day: Family, Friends, and Snakes

Good Morning,

“Family, Friends, and Snakes”

If you and somebody ALWAYS agree, one of you are lying. Don’t let your pride fool you into believing that everybody with an opinion is a hater. The person speaking up probably just cares about you enough to dare you to be better. Respect and cherish those who challenge you in the midst of your crisis, their eyes may see you as a contestant but their faith recognizes you as a champion. The wise are mindful of the people they surround themselves with because they know every family member isn’t familiar and every friend isn’t friendly.
Jealousy, pessimism, and contentment are diseases that are passed around more than the common cold. Life is already hard enough. It’s designed to take us through ups and downs, it gives us battles to fight in hopes that we gain the tools to keep our hearts, eyes, and minds focused on winning the war. Don’t allow the depressed, misguided, and unmotivated people to hurt you, drag you down, and allow you to lose sight of your direction in life. Misery loves company and her pity parties always sell out. Cut the dead weight before you become it in other areas of your life.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.

Rob Hill


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