Thoughts for the Day: “Your changes for the better made me worse”

“Your changes for the better made me worse”

You can’t force a person to be something they don’t want to be.
Regardless of how much it hurts we have to face the reality that the
vision we have for our family, friends, or lovers just may not coincide
with the vision they have for themselves. For most the harshest truth of
our love lives is accepting the fact that the one we love isn’t the one
for us, despite the effort we’ve put into trying to change and mold
them. A good man may not always know how to love but he will have the
desire to, it just takes the right woman with enough patience to teach
him. The same for that good woman who may not know how to trust but
wants to and waits on that man with the right appreciation for
consistency to show her. However, every male won’t care to be a King and
every woman won’t deserve to be a Queen. The fairytales teach you to
chase the pauper with potential instead of the prince with purpose
because everybody loves to be the exception. You can use a knife as a
screwdriver 1000 times over but at the end of the day it’s still a
knife, not a screwdriver, regardless of how you dress it up. We should
pray to change things and leave it to God to change people; especially
those we love.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.


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