Thoughts for The Day: Reality Check

“Reality Check”

If all our days were bliss then we would never grow. The rough days produce patience, which in turns promotes growth and maturity; and those two qualities are the lead navigators on the road to happiness. The wise understand that sometimes you need a set back in order to set you on the right track. And these days most minds are so focused on “making moves” that they don’t realize that every step forward is not progress. You can take a million steps forward but if your steps have no direction you’ll never reach your destination. Have a plan and make it plain, because if you don’t you’ll be on the road to doing everything but accomplishing nothing.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.

One Response to “Thoughts for The Day: Reality Check”
  1. megan says:

    Great post Rob. This is definitely a lesson I have learned and have to remind my self of. Keep up the gr8 work.

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