Thoughts of The Day: “Don’t Trust Fear”

“Don’t Trust Fear”

Fear is the intimidation of opportunity when the outcome is uncertain.
It’s when we see our past, our mistakes, and our shortcomings, but are
too blind to trust the knowledge we’ve gained from those experiences.
Fear is that moment we decline the trials and tests of life not knowing
that we’ve also declined the opportunity of triumphs and testimony. Fear
is that instant a deserving person earns your trust and you turn them
away based on the ones who betrayed it. Sadly, few acknowledge that when
fear allows us to lose trust in others we unconsciously give up trusting
ourselves. Leaving us forced to realize that whatever hurt us, hurt us
with our permission. So fear holds on to the past hoping the good times
will return because even though the fire of the future seems bright,
when that wind blows the flame is so hard to trust. But whether the
light shines bright or dims with the darkness, us faithful believers
find hope in simple things like this: Good things don’t always last
forever, but if treated the right way, when the good dies; great is
born, and fear aint got nothing on that.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.


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