Thoughts of The Day : “Do Half of Nothing”

Good Morning,

“Do half of nothing”

If you’re going to start something see it through to the finish, that’s the essence of success. At times our mistakes can block us, our failures blind us, and our shortcomings bind us. We put ourselves in this self confined prison with our thoughts and beat ourselves down; over and over again. We think of all the times where we could have done one thing and chose to do another. In life, we all get knocked down, we all fail, and we all lose, but what happens to you doesn’t matter half as much as what you decide to do about it. You won’t always feel happy, you won’t always feel attractive, and you won’t always feel successful; but everything you feel isn’t always real. Don’t be ruled by your emotions, be the ruler of your thoughts. Life is not about how fast you run the race, it’s about having the courage not to stop. Speak this when you find yourself looking back and somehow expecting to go forward: There is no potential in my past, only the promises of my future.

Just my thoughts good people, just my thoughts.

Rob Hill

One Response to “Thoughts of The Day : “Do Half of Nothing””
  1. tommy says:

    Deep and so true!!! Ill be sure 2 keep this in mind every morning when starting my day!! Thanx again!!!

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