Honoring Nas G.O.A.T.

It’s a shame to say that GREAT artist such as Nasir Jones don’t get as much play as todays nonsense and so called “music artist”. Those of you who are hipped to the game understand just why he doesn’t receive as much air time. What I love about Nas is he can still relate to the people and the street with out dumming his audience down. He ENLIGHTENS, UPLIFTS & MOTIVATES anyone who chooses to open their eyes and ears to the truth.

Today I am honoring one of the G.O.A.T.

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

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Knowledge is Power! Illuminate your minds

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“If I ruled the world is” one of my all times favorite Nas songs. This song features two G.O.A.T. artists. One day my grandma heard me singing this song when I was about 10 and asked me what you I do if i ruled the world. I told her “Heal it and make it a better place free the people from deception and kick all the bad people out”. Even at ten I was motivated to make a difference. I am thankful for legends such as Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill &Nas.

Some people might be good at doing business but, not everyone can stay true to who they are & spit the truth; there is no money in the truth… It’s not about profit, it’s about your impact on the people and the example you make.

Truth is Nasir produces #REALMUSIC. There will never be another Legend so Real! Hip-Hops of life support 😦 and no longer starts out in the heart. Blame it on the BAD examples.

“Too many rappers, athletes, and actors But not enough niggas in NASA”

7 Responses to “Honoring Nas G.O.A.T.”
  1. yeslife678 says:

    Nas is a Mason..point blank

  2. Jerz says:

    Lol…Nas, is far, from a G.O.A.T. He is a good lyricist. How you people can mention, Nasir Jones, as a legend and completely, ignore the fact, that he’s no where Near as good as, the rapper, he, wishes he could be. The great, the legandary, the iconic, the MIGHTY “R” RAKIM! It bothers me…
    Nas has not stayed true to, whatever, persona he depicts. He conforms for money…he takes pics with gaudy jewelery(one pic which is displayed when you click onto this very page! Lmao) he has you guys fooled because, he signed a deal, with your so called “devil worshippin god hater” Sean Carter. The reason nas isn’t played as much as, whack ass Soulja Boy, is, common sense, people! There are more teenagers in the world and the majority of them are parents!!! Sooo do the math people! Lmao

  3. Amanda says:

    Nas is my favorite artist too!! he soo much better than Jay-Z. HE could never be on Nas level and im willing to challegne that!

  4. kareem says:

    I just don’t tunderstand why soulja boy get more play than my mans NA. What is this world comen to? We have people promoting satan then acting like they don’t.. niggas like kanye faggin in red guido satan suit and u think this is real music and entertainment! Please! Great post Ms. Verna

  5. Jon says:

    True Story Nas is the G.O.A.T. great post Felicia.

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