Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout

It was a day of productivity for this Ethnicity Model as I ventured out to do some Charity work at the Members Only Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, NY . The occasion was for Alonzo Mourning 7th Annual Million Dollar Shoot-Out giving golfers on the green a chance to win a Millions dollars. Up until this year no one has ever actually won the million dollars but one blessed winner managed a whole in one at par-three 13th!

NBA champion, author and nationally recognized Philanthropist, Alonzo Mourning was joined by other like-minded enthusiast and supporters to raise money for youth initiatives. Like Minded Enthusiast included 11 time NBA Championship Winner Bill Russel, Bruce Bowen, NFL’s  OJ Anderson, Patricia Hannagain , Herb Williams, Curtis McGriff, Donald Trump and much more!

OJ Anderson

The Lucky Winner

Some of the Ladies

Every Trump Golf Course has its own man made waterfall. Par 13

Mac aka Macmayne

Over all I had a wonderful experience with fellow Philanthropic Enthusiasts. The food was great, the location was excellent, I established new contacts and had a blast with Candi and the Girls. Mr. Mourning is a wonderful and generous man.

Philanthropy goes along way! Participate in Community Service today!

I would like to thank Mr. Alonzo Mourning for having me as well as Ethnicity Talent. For more pictures and information on this event check out  Golf Girls Blog and the Official Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout Site!

4 Responses to “Zo’s Million Dollar Shootout”
  1. tommy says:

    Great job sis!!! Once again you manage to meet exclusive individuals while still being down to earth. Can’t wait to see you on Oprah’s couch.

  2. Bigtyme says:

    I’m jealous I wish I could meet these prominent people. Keep up the good work Ellure. You’ve been going nonstop since you got out of school. Keep doing your thing and I’ll meet you at the top.

  3. Candi of Ethnicity says:

    Great write up! Thanks for being a great volunteer and helping Ethnicity Models out for this charity event. See you next year!


    Model Coordinator
    Ethnicity Models

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