Our Children

To whom it may concern, and that should be all of us. When it comes to our children, what type of examples are we showing them? Children do what we do whether we like it or not. If we do drugs they do drugs,  if we prostitute our bodies in return they will do the same. We as parents need to be more aware of the impact we have on our children. A child is a gift from GOD and your duty as a parent is to raise that child to be better than you! Let’s not half step when it comes to the future of our children because what they do now will affect their futures.

No one ever told me what not to do, I had to learn from the streets and unfortunately it took me down the path of destruction. If I would’ve had someone to advise me, “this is wrong, don’t do that it will affect your future” maybe I would have been a better man. Graciously, God put a word in my heart so I could be the person of influence that I am today. I utilized my blessings and became an author. I spend my time educating todays youth about the effects of ” The Street Life .” I did not chose this profession to stir up our youth but  to inform our children on the dangers and effects of that life style because I have lived that life.


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