Global Economic Growth Depends On The Mother Land


Gordon Brown and Barak Obama


In his first major speech since leaving office and losing the British general election in May; former UK prime minister Gordon Brown states, “The future growth of the world economy is reliant upon the development of Africa.

“The future growth in the world economy, and future jobs in the developing world, will depend on harnessing both the productive potential and the pent-up consumer demand of this continent”

“There is an alternative to a decade of low global growth which would fail to meet both the development needs of Africa and the growth needs of Europe and America.”

“To me the answer is obvious – as we struggle to find new sources of growth we must turn here, to Africa, to this continent of huge potential and talent.”

“I want to see the continent can achieve its full potential.”

As if they have not done enough experimenting, slaving trading and destruction to the continent of African now they wish to take it back to where it all began by industrializing the mother land as a last resort to save the declining global economy. The African nation has been stripped of its natural resources, its history has been repackaged and resold through out European nations, its inhabitants have been sold into slavery and are test dummies to fatal viruses such as AIDS.

In a nut shell political leaders are devising a plan and asking themselves, “How can we industrialize African, utilize its resources and make a profit large enough to save the failing global economy.” Verily, I say to you “The Money is the motive,” they could car less about the inhabitants and effects this change could cause. The resources found in African will bring profit to not only political leaders but, the New World Banking System.

After Browns interview a follow up statement was made by Bernard Aryeetey, from the charity Save the Children where he said, “A long-term growth strategy for Africa was vital but should not be to the detriment of investment in health systems and education.”

“Making sure that children are able to go to a clinic when they are ill and get a decent education must be tackled in parallel with a drive to increase economic growth through technological advance.

“Saving children’s lives does in fact contribute to economic growth.”

You may believe that this does not effect you but, it does and it will!  A wise woman once said, “Things gon change, it’s apparent and all the transparent gonna Be seen through, Let God redeem you, Keep your deen true You can get the green too, Watch out what you cling to, Observe how a queen do” Lauryn Hill

Don’t wait for the Affects, ow that you have been informed what are you going to do? Might I suggest you watch Avatar.


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