Teach Me

“Newsflash women: if your wondering why you don’t have a man or can’t find a good one its probably because your moving TOO fast. No man wants to be with the crazy wild girl in the club who rarely misses an event.”

Valid point but, if a person has not been exposed to this type relationship practice then how could one expects a person to exploit the action? If I asked you to please get me an apple in a bowl full of fruit would you know what fruit to bring back? Perhaps a man should take the time to demonstrate your concept of Moving Slow instead of committing adulteries and leading us astray. Every woman is guilty of lowering her standards, pride, mind, body and soul over a man. It’s the only way to learn what’s right and wrong. Your other half is there to make you better. It’s hard for some woman to recognize what is righteous because they are misguided. The times we live in are scare and this generation has piss poor morals and values. It exceeds far beyond moving too fast.

Thus, I charge you to diminish the process. I leave you with great words from a Wise MisEducated WOMAN. Father you saved me and showed me that life Was much more than being some foolish man’s wife Showed me that love was respect and devotion Greater than planets deeper than any oceans My soul was weary but now it’s replenished Content because that part of my life is finished

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Have a Blessed Day

3 Responses to “Teach Me”
  1. Jermane Dailey says:

    Most women will never know what a good man is.

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