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“Everyone has a moment where they say “Now or Never” whether you are going for your dreams , beginning a new segment of your life , or just taking a courageous step.

Fellow Virgina State Trojan, Marcus Gloster professionally known as, Black Cobain is one step closer to encompassing his dream of stardom. With seven years under his belt, the journey has not always been unproblematic. In anticipation of his second mix tape, set to release next month, BC is captivating listeners and raising standards not only in the DMV, but in the ever-evolving music industry. I caught up with BC on my most recent venture to Maryland where we sat down to expose a more professional side of the artist. Warning: To all perps and Wannabes, the time has been declared as Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, & Now Black Cobain

Felicia Verna: Who is Black Cobain?

BC: is a charismatic rapping brother whose focus is all about making great music, while remaining true to who I am. I believe in sticking to good music. I just want to tell people my story.

Throughout the interview Black Cobain emphasizes the importance of being humble in the industry. 

“Being humble;not being so arrogant and cocky, it takes away from the performer’s personality. They can be a great artist but, if you’re too cocky that makes people want to flare their noses at you.”

Felicia Verna: How long have you been doing music?

BC: What year is this??? 2010!! I started to take it serious around 2003. So about 7 years but it took me 4 years to find myself as an artist. I couldn’t be afraid to be myself and that is, “Black Cobain,” whom people love.

Now or Never is considered to be one of the nation’s capitols most un-fast-forwarded music projects; featuring solid production from “Heavy Hitters.”

Felicia Verna: The DMV (DC, MD, VA) area has a lot of good talent. Being from Alexandra, Va have you gotten the chance to collaborate with any local and celebrity artist?

BC: On my first solo project I did not have the chance to collaborate with any celebrity artist. I was given the opportunity to work with local artist by the names of Kingpen Slim, Mz. Sasha, Fat Trel, Philade (who is Raheem Devaughn’s artist) and Ms. Kim from Rare Essence.

Since the release of “Now of Never” Black Cobain has done shows in conjunction with Wale, UCB, Tabi Bonney, The Clipse and Raheem Devaughn.

There are some celebrity guest appearances on my new mix-tape that hopefully the fans will love but, I am not going to mention any names just yet!!

Felicia Verna: What is your opinion on what great an artist should be? What are qualities that a and first-class artist should have?

BC: Artist should posses qualities that exhibit, “Great character, creativity, arrogance but a silent, cocky arrogance…”

A great artist should not be scared to try new things. A great artist is immolated. Most importantly a great artist should not be scared to be themselves. Oh… and uh… also have to have swag.. cause you just do!

Take Kanye West and Jay-Z for example: two vast artist who are true to themselves. People want to immolate them because they make great music.

Felicia Verna: For quit sometime, entertainers’ lyrical content has been deficient in substance, often discussing topics that are offensive and degrading to our communities, women, Old Heads,” and not to mention lionizing material wealth. How do you plan on upholding the integrity of the Black community through your music?

BC: I keep it real by making references to school. Artists hide the fact that they do have educational backgrounds.

In 2007 Black Cobain matriculated with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management from Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA. VSU is where he became a brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

I talk about real life situations, what is happening or what has happened in my life. I am going to discuss conscious topics because those situations helped mold me into the person that is talking to you today. If that is what I am going through at the moment, I may not mean anything by it, that’s just how I feel at the moment. There is integrity in everyone’s music from Common to Gucci.

I’m not a conscious rapper, I’m just a rapper with a conscious

I don’t glorify drinking but, I do it and when I do it… in a way that is believable and true to who I am. If you are in the club jumping around to “BITCH BITCH BITCH” and enjoying it, is it OK or degrading then? You don’t have to listen if you don’t want to.

Felicia Verna: Who is your favorite MC and why?

BC: My favorite rapper of all time is Jay-Z. It wasn’t until 2002- 2003, when I listened to The Life and Times of Shawn Carter Volume III, that I began to understand his lyrics. I heard Reasonable Doubt, I heard Volume II but I had to go back and re-listen in order to value the content.

Right now, my favorite rapper is Rick Ross. He reminds me of Biggie. His bars are where they need to be, he swagged up. He is a great artist.

Felicia Verna: Any Prospective Projects?!

BC: I have a new mix-tape coming out in May as I mentioned before, entitled: Now. It is the sequel to my first mix tape “Now or Never” (2009).

I am Blessed to be in this position! I want to thank Wale for everything! For believing in me, I believe in him! I am thankful to be under such a good umbrella.

You got that??? That is very important to me!

The Board of Administrations is “More Than Just A label It’s a Life Style” They provide artist development. They are developing me into an artist, helping me with interviews, artist development, artist etiquette when I am in front of the cameras. It’s a domino effect to me. If Wale is doing good then we are all doing good.

Be on the lookout for Mz. Sasha, Fat Trel and Wale when he works on his next album.

I am @Blackcobain signing out!

Click Here To Listen to Black Cobain!!!

For Interviews and Media Contact: igotitforfreeorg@gmail.com

For Booking Contact: LeGregorlando@yahoo.com or BlackCobain@ymail.com

Follow Him on Twitter/Facebook: @BlackCobain

Much Love & Success to you Serious Black


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