Earth Day Marcus Crewe

Today is
Earth Day and I dedicate this to the Earth that brings us all in to existence, “Woman”. Queen, Mother, and Earth without you man would not be in existence! You bring us from darkness into light, nurture us in water which is the essence of all life, and bring us into existence. Who would have thought that a seed planted into your depths could form something so magnificent!

You go through cycles of evolution, and as we see you evolve at night, we as the moon help show how beautiful you are. As we watch you evolve we as men learn that we have cycles in our own. The Creator created everything in completeness. You see there was originally 360 days n a year, and as the Earth rotates you go in to full circle of greatness! You helped us come out of you in a 9 months span and 9 is the number of God.

We have 9 stages in life as well and when you divide 40 into 9 u get 360, which reminds us that when we reach 40 its time 2 set aside our childish ways. We watch you Earth to get a better understanding of you and God said look 2 nature for a better understanding! You bring life and can also take it, you nurture us and also help to provide! I could go on and on but this would take an eternity, so I sum this up by saying: Queen, mother Earth, I thank you and submit to you on your special day!

Happy Earth Day

By: Markus Crewe


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