For Freedom not For Beauty- Chrisette Michele Interview

“…Whether or not she is always noticed, beauty must become. She doesn’t look for an eye. She doesn’t listen for a voice. She just becomes, For Freedom Not For Beauty” Chrisette Michele

Grammy award-winning Songstress Chrisette Michele has made a few alterations to her image since stepping out on the scene in 2007 with her debut album I AM. Upon her arrival in the music industry she presented us with long curvaceous hair, by the release of her second album Epiphany she sported a blond edgy flipped short and spiky hairstyle. With the release of her third album approaching (title and date TBA) the R&B singer has decided to adopt a self-governing appearance. I had the opportunity to catch up with the soul-singer on her way to New Orleans to discuss details about her new appearance, album and what to expect, future collaborations, fans and much more.

Felicia Vera: What motivated you to obtain a natural style?

Chrisette Michele: I had a lot going on with my last hair style. The perms, blond coloring, flip that required steady attention, hair spray to set in all in place along with other estranged chemicals and processes began to take a toll on Michele’s natural hair. We don’t just wake up in the morning with our hair in place, that particular hair style demanded constant exposure to chemicals, heat and hair spray on a daily basis. It damaged my natural hair to the point where it was not acceptable; it just didn’t make sense for me to continue to damage my hair when I felt I could still maintain my beauty with my natural hair

Felicia Verna: How does your new hair style represent who Chrisette Michele is? What does your natural look symbolize?

Chrisette Michele: The same hair that grows out of my head is the same hair that comes out of my mothers, aunts, cousins etc. It allows me to feel connected to my heritage. Adopting any image with relaxed hair is not natural and not to mention hard to maintain.

Felicia Verna: Do you think your new image will affect album sales?

Chrisette Michele: I have been blessed with a kind group of fans who appreciate me for my voice. When I am on stage I am raw, there are no gimmicks, just me, my musicians, and vocalist. I have been able to ride out on my musicianship and I am thankful for that.

Felicia Verna: Countless artists are pressured to maintain a certain image. Have you or do you feel pressured to conform to mainstreams perception of Beauty?

Chrisette Michele: When I first appeared on the scene I came with a vengeance, I set standards. I was afraid that people might change me because I was curvaceous and of the type of Corn Ball love songs I sing. To my surprise people were accepting of me and I no longer felt like I had to change. People had a lot of things to say about my decision to go natural like, it is not fashionable to be nappy headed but I am here to kill the myth and prove that you can be beautiful with natural hair

Felicia Verna: Many artist do not have creative control over their career and are often manipulated by record companies. How much creative control do you have over your career?

Chrisette Michele: I have the most creative control over my career. I am very active in who I am. I offer a sense of realness and honesty as opposed to other commercial artist. People are aware of what goes on in the industry. Artist have more create control than people think.

Felicia Verna: Your freshman album “I AM” was released in 2007 and was geared towards the up side of love. Your sophomore album “Epiphany” released in 2009 dealt with heart ache and pain. What can fans expect with this next album?

Chrisette Michele: Epiphany drove a lot of emotion, fun and left listeners feeling liberated. It provided listeners with the strength to move on from bad relationships. My inspiration came from the empowerment of my fans. I wanted to replicate the same liberal vibes with this next album. I am excited for what is in store because production is doing a lot of the music. In addition, I wanted to discuss political issues that have been plaguing our black communities and different struggles we encounter such as, black on black crime and lack mental health and awareness.

Felicia Verna: Have you thought about venturing out to other careers?

Chrisette Michele: Yes, I am an entertainer at heart. Lucille Ball is one of my favorite actresses and has influenced me to pursue my interest in acting and comedy. Hollywood has been kind to me thus far so I am definitely taking note. I am also thrilled to be working with my production and writing team MWI.

Felicia Verna: Are there any artists you are looking forward to collaborating with?

Chrisette Michele: I am interested in working with Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer upholds the integrity that should be in black music. I believe we can accomplish a lot of great things together.

Chrisette,natural hair or not you posses unique inner beauty that can not be replicated! Thank you for the opportunity. I wish you much success! Be blessed and KEEP GOD FIRST. @FeliciaVerna

What do you guys think about Chrisettes new look? ye or ney?

One Response to “For Freedom not For Beauty- Chrisette Michele Interview”
  1. tanisha says:

    i just love her new look. such a classy woman

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