Capitalistic Dreams

Elevate your mind back to a time when one another was all we had. We obtained some “civil rights” and we still want to fight, each other. With their horses ready and pre-notations on how we act, willingly you volunteer to be the example. Every man for himself only keeps the next one down. Somewhere along we learned to hate ourselves and our neighbors.

God said, “ll do you this favor”

Now here comes the recession!! So I pray on my knees not another great depression. Material investments with depreciation value, simply a distraction to omit the sting of life’s reality as an attempt to defend what truly lies beneath the surface, a LOST soul. Realize, Real Eyes, Real Lies you ride the bus for a ride; you have a inmate for a spouse and a project for a house. Did you not make these life choices when deciding to conform to societies stereo types??

“And white man gets paid after all of that..”

You rather spend your time hating me when we both are associate of Melanin. The same blood runs with-in, you’re not happy with what is with-in! You can’t stand to see the next at his best. It eats you up to know I am doing good! So now you’re tight but you choose to remain Hood.

“Damn, they got you too?”

“Fuck the American Dream”

“The land of opportunity and endless dreams” That shit is nothing but NWO schemes. It is never close to what they make it seem. Cannot attain jobs thanks to government schemes and capitalistic dreams. Duality is on top so when is this black on black shit going to stop?

History is His-story, Television Tells Lies. WAKE UP! Stop watching your world through the white man eyes. The answers are out there it is up to you have to find them. Perhaps that is why you still do not know. The answers are in the books, Yeah, the one you just over looked.

Written By: Megan Mincey

One Response to “Capitalistic Dreams”
  1. J.Lindo says:

    This was powerful and yet oh so true. We as proud Afro American and Afro Caribbean people should stick by one another’s side and not succumb to the crab in a barrel mentality. It’s not worth it. I’m down for the fight. Let’s help one another. Hope to see you all on top with me.

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